About Me

This page is all about paleo self and how I got here.  A bit of a story, but I hope it paints a picture of my results with the lifestyle/diet and my love for cooking.

I wanted change

Sometime around 2011-2012 something happened one day and I knew I just wanted to be healthier all around.  It was like a switch went off in my head.  I wanted to eat better foods and I wanted to have the energy to workout in the gym and not feel defeated 10 minutes in.  Most importantly, I wanted to have the energy to make it through the workday without smacking my head into the keyboard.  My day job is one of a software developer, so I mostly have a sedentary occupation.  I was often finding myself fighting to keep my eyelids opened after lunch, which I would try and supplement with coffee.  I lived the ups and downs of going through constant energy crashes.  The struggle was real and as a result I knew I wanted change.

How I found Paleo

After some Google-Fu research (google searching), I happened upon an article about the Paleo diet.  Something immediately resonated with me about this new found idea of eating cleaner unprocessed foods.  At least it was new to me given I had been used to eating a certain way all my life.  It almost sounded too simple and I wondered why I really hadn’t thought of it before.  Going out to eat or making food at home always involved core ingredients of grains, cheese, legumes, bad starches, etc.  I had to completely shift my line of thinking and understand how to cook and eat again.  Along with this naturally came a learning curve in terms of being social and going out.  I had navigate restaurant menus and figure out what I could and couldn’t eat while not being the “complicated one”.

A new start

Starting out certainly wasn’t easy, as with anything new anyone ventures on. However, as the saying goes nothing ventured nothing gained.  I began to buy cookbooks that focused on the Paleo and Whole30 diets.  I tested MANY recipes out and found ones I liked and ones that I did not.  As a result there was a lot of trial and error.  As time progressed, I found myself feeling better and my energy levels started to remain consistent throughout the day.


This translated into realized change.  I was being more productive in many aspects of my life.  I had a consistent energy at work and no longer crashed after lunch. My gym sessions felt like I could just keep going.  I started to look better and that all translated into a better mental outlook.  It all seemed very full circle.  The Paleo diet wasn’t really a diet anymore for me.  This is just who I was now.  In other words, this was my new paleo self and it felt great.

Hiking in Hawii after getting fit on the Paleo Diet
Hiking in Hawaii

My Love for cooking

Fast forward to 2018, as a result of my love for cooking, I wanted share my culinary experiences here at paleoself.com in the hopes that it inspires others on a similar journey.  I have always loved to cook, but I feel like I fell in love with cooking all over again experimenting and making Paleo or Whole30 meals.  It really just clicked for me.  Paleo and myself.  Hence I decided to create this recipe blog called “Paleo Self” sharing the foods I enjoy and find delicious.  I sincerely hope you find what I share just as enjoyable as I do.


Cooking Paleo meals doesn’t have to be hard.  Seriously.  It’s different from what most are used too, but it’s like following any other recipe.  You don’t need to be a culinary expert and you don’t need specialized equipment.  Above all, it does’t have to taste like you’re on a diet!

Please enjoy.




My family loves Paleo cooking as well!
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